PPFL supply over 15 million pouches a year to customers from a wide variety of industries. The bags and pouches can be spouted, block bottom, shaped or anything in between.

Our pouch packaging solutions

Block bottom bags and side gusseted bags are devised to create the very best solution for storing and showing off your products.

PPFL’s bespoke and shaped pouches help our customers stand out from the crowd in a cluttered marketplace.

Spouted pouches are a great eco-friendly solution for packaging liquids or fine solids i.e. powders, whether in bulk or in individual portions.

Stand-up pouches use up to 75% less material than cartons, cans or even the traditional bag in a box and cost much less to transport due to their weight and flexibility.

Environmentally friendly packaging solutions

Due to customer demand for “greener” packaging solutions we are now able to supply 100% recyclable films for running on thermoformers / sachet lines as well as pre-made pouches.

Recyclable Pouches

Recyclable pouches

Recyclable pouches are the future of the flexible plastic packaging industry and PPFL are proud to lead the market with a variety of recyclable plastic pouches.


Bio-degradable pouches

Our bio-degradable pouches can be printed up to 8 colours and additionally can have high barrier.

Hassle free packaging to protect your brand

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke solution in either a pre-made pouch or film on the reel, Planned Packaging Films Limited are here to help.

You can find our pouches and bags in


Planned Packaging has specialised in flexible medical packaging for over 40 years to a wide variety of customers across the globe.


From wet wipes to pet food product packaging, PPFL have been specialising in bespoke solutions to non-food industries for over 40 years.


We have always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology when it comes to films and it’s properties, such as our Steriflex films for packing meat and hot filling.