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Stand-up Pouches

Stand-up Pouches, also known as Doypack pouches, are proving ever popular with a bottom gusset, which allows them to stand up.  

Stand-up pouches use up to 75% less material than cartons, cans or even the traditional bag in a box and cost much less to transport due to their weight and flexibility. In recent years many companies, packing dried foods and other projects have moved from traditional boxes and cans to stand-up pouches.

Whether you are looking to pack pet food or car parts or anything in between, a stand-up pouch can be the perfect platform to package your product in.

These pouches are available in a PE/PE recyclable material, or alternatively, in a variety of options in styles including metallic, paper, windowed or a combination – it will certainly allow you to showcase your product in an attractive yet efficient manner.

  • Recyclable
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Retortable
  • Microwaveable
  • Freezable
  • High speed
  • High Definition Flexo
  • Gravure
  • Digital
  • Hybrid/Offset
  • Coloured – food service – blue, red, black, white and others available
  • Matt Lacquer
  • Paper touch lacquer
  • Metallic Inks
  • Euro – slots
  • Tearnotches
  • Product window
  • Bespoke handles
  • Laser score
  • Bespoke shaped
  • Press to close zipper
  • Front Zipper
  • Recyclable zipper
  • Velcro zipper
  • Top slider

Typical uses of stand-up pouches


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From wet wipes to pet food product packaging, PPFL have been specialising in bespoke solutions to non-food industries for over 40 years.


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