At the end of 2020, PPFL were set a new challenge: to help find packaging for a cutting-edge project…

Our partners Vecotech Ltd invested years of scientific research and development to produce the new, effective BugScents lure and required bespoke, high-quality and specialist packaging to complement their efforts, which PPFL were only too happy to help with.

Packaging Collaborators

Due to the sensitive properties of the contents, it was essential that PPFL worked closely with the technical teams at Coveris and Vecotech, to find a packaging solution that met the oxygen and water vapour requirements to sustain the optimum release rate of their proprietary pheromone beads.  

Throughout the evolution of the packaging selection, a wide range of materials on offer from PPFL were considered; spanning recyclable and perforated paper films before opting for a Tyvek pouch, which met all of the essential properties.

PPFL and Vecotech medical packaging

More information…

For more information on innovative, recyclable, medical packaging please do not hesitate to get in touch – and to find out more about the BugScents Lure and Vecotech visit

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